WSBA Committees are comprised of members appointed by the Executive Board. They provide oversight and recommendations on various aspects of WSBA’s mission and strategic plan. The WSBA’s many standing and special committees examine topic ranging from skull base pathology to ethics to public service. All members are encouraged to volunteer for the committee.

Skull Base Committees

The committees of WSB Foundation work on formulating guidelines and setting up standards in the training & treatment of Skull Base surgery. These committees are composed of experts who are persons of high moral character & recognised competence in their field.

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Join the Committees

Becoming a member of a WSB Foundation committee is the best way to contribute to the work of the academy. WSB Foundation takes great care to apply the principles of transparency, fairness and non-discrimination in its selection procedures.

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Committee Reports

The committee reports are an annual summary of guidelines, protocols and other important decisions taken by the WSB Foundation skull base committees. This section endeavours to keep you informed on a regular basis of the pertinent activities of the standing.

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