The World Skull Base Academy is a body that assumes the role of undertaking academic activities including drawing up curriculums in Skull Base Pathosis and planning online & offline teaching activities. It also has the mandate to undertake policy decisions including drawing up protocols, standards and rules for structured training programmes in the subspecialty of Skull Base Surgery. World Skull Base Academy will register as many professionals, centers and organisations under its banner thereby creating a worldwide network of integrated specialists dealing with Skull Base Pathosis.

This apart, the WSB Foundation website offers a wealth of information on a wide variety of topics related to skull base disorders. WSB Foundation has recently launched its flagship programme, the ‘communities programme’ wherein patients and support staff can join in online chat forums related to their diseases. Our support programs are designed to help patients, their families and caregivers cope with the challenges of a skull base tumor diagnosis.


The WSBA is a body of distinguished experts who will formulate policies and programmes in Skull Base Surgery and allied sciences, maintain standards and work towards instilling core values among its professionals.

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Academy Bylaws

The WSBA bylaws are detailed set of rules adopted by the academy’s board of directors when the company was incorporated. It includes set of documents related to incorporation of the academy.

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WSBA sets high standards for its professionals & strives to consistently meet them. WSBA is committed to accountability, transparency & ethical behaviour by its established standards of governance & ethics.

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